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I will try and hammer out a quick response at work for ones I feel I can field.

What weapons would you recommend in the first few hundred feet? -- This will depend on build, playstyle. For myself, Longswords are great for a long time. The curved sword until one is found. For reference for my style, I usually do protection/bruiser builds. Others will advocate for different things. Most paths (all?) are viable.

Why is a potion not identified when I use it? - There is a whole minigame around identification in Sil. I'm sure somebody will link the relevant thread. But basically, potions id when they do stuff. More than likely you are drinking a potion of slow potion, while not poisoned, if early depths. If max heal and eat or drink healing, same applies.

Do orc thieves take stuff from you? Any Orc thieve I have come across I had either avoided or killed. - Yes, they do! If they do you can kill them to get the item back.

What abilities would you best recommend for the builds I have listed above, I typically go straight for charge. - If you would like to cheese the early game and simply start seeing deeper content, I would advocate an artistry start with a 2/5/4/3 Feanor. 5 melee, 4 evasion, 5 smithing. Take armorsmith. Get 100 xp. Get artistry. There is guaranteed forge on 2nd level you explore. Make +1, 1d4 shield, -1, 1d7 studded leather, +1, 1d2 boots. Wear stuff. Kill things. Be happy. If you find a second forge, make +2 cloak, 0, 1d3 helm, 0, 1d1 gauntlets. Watch experience pile up and experiment with things, learn new stuff. Debo has great videos on how to actually play the game. Youtube Silstreamer. Not Devo.

How do I wield a weapon with both hands? - You can't manually choose to wield a bastard sword one or two. If shield slot open, then two hands will be used. 2 hand weapons naturally just use both hands. You can't 2h a one hand weapon, like say a longsword.

Will there be another update for this game soon? And has there be any details on it? -- Historically on Tolkien's birthday there is an update if there is going to be one. Early January. Not guaranteed, ofc.

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