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1. Longsword initially, later switch to shortsword when going specialist with subtlety (and/or assassination) or use a heavier 3d weapon.

2. Don't stand in the middle of the hall. Watch how orcs behave when you retreat into a corridor.

3. Because herb/potion had no obvious effect. Healing when you have full health, restoration when you are not drained etc.

4. Not wear shadow attracting equipment unknowingly. Being able to see them and dealing out damage rapidly. (Shadows are harder with heavy armour builds because they ignore it.)

5. Yes. Hence their name.

6. Experiment with abilities. Try at least once going without abilities (taking too much abilities early makes the game harder).

7. Put down your shield.

8. Mean trap.

9. There are almost no secret rooms. Afaik hidden doors are just random / depending on your perception.

10. You need to get deeper. You will sort of meet some of your suggestions there. You really do not want to meet Balrogs at 300'.
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