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At least one path is non-viable: Jack of all trades, master of none. Spend early EXP on your specialty. Don't spread it around. Get to 15 melee quickly if you want to be a fighter. The only ability you really need is finesse (around melee 13) and maybe precision once you meet archers and the like.
Edit: idc soldiers have pretty good armor. The way to kill them is either a two-handed weapon or critical hits, or both. Either way, you need plenty of the necessary skill. For critical hits, you also want finesse for melee or precision for archery. (Ie: See above.) This was my biggest mistake in early attempts: Trying to gain nice-to-have abilities too early.
As for rauko (balrog) and orc pits: Go a little deeper: You will find all the orcs you could possibly want. And by 700', the same with Raukaur. Spawning pits don't make a lot of sense anyway, since multiple killals of the same species fairly quickly becomes futile.

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