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Originally Posted by bulian View Post
The same thing has happened to me. I suppose you could calculate the probability of this happening if you knew how earthquake rearranged the walls?

I'd actually suggest removing the earthquake effect, or at least the wall rearranging aspect, as besides the mentioned issue, phase door is extremely (too?) effective when meleeing M. Melee damage would probably need to be increased to compensate.
I disagree with you both. Earthquake is there to mess with anti summon tactics, it needs to stay. Also possibility getting hit twice by crushing is nearly zero, you need to be in GV or something for that to happen (it almost always pushes you away from attack). There is also technique to make that impossible to happen. Think: what does not get destroyed by earthquake no matter what happens?

Also: one death every now and then from that is only good thing. It makes Morgoth the most dangerous monster in the game. (Actually using crushing Atlas has worst melee, it hits twice to shatter and twice to confuse with over 900 points of damage, if you get crushed twice)
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