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Originally Posted by half View Post
That would be great.

Maybe there should be some extra character sheet for people who want additional stats such as:

1) Real time spent in the game (with pauses between turns capped at 1 minute to avoid counting times when you are away from the computer)

2) Missed artefacts.

3) This milimort thing.

4) Possibly some other things, like the probability that the blow that killed you was going to kill you.

My thinking is that these are all things that I wouldn't want in the standard game -- the first two because they can be frustrating. However, they are pretty cool for the people who do want them. I could thus bury them a bit in the options or something.
One small detail that I've been thinking of is that for fsil it would be nice if item weights were listed on char dumps. Currently it's impossible to determine the protection bonus from Heavy Armour Use without resorting to a silly hack, and even the hack won't help if you want to know how the bonus changes if you wear some other armor or how large the bonus would be for a character who doesn't have the ability yet. (The hack is to look at the listed maximum protection and subtract all other contributions to protection, which can be determined.)

I didn't request this before because it felt silly to ask you to clutter your char dumps to make my pedantic simulations easier, but perhaps this too could be buried in the options somewhere. I suppose I could even try to write a patch for this myself if that helps. I do understand if you don't want to do this anyway!
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