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[PWMAngband] A necromancer in Middle Earth

PowerWyrm rides a Great Eagle. And knows how to cast necromantic spells...

Name   PowerWyrm     Age             19         Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Male          Height      14'11"  STR:     17  +6  -3  +0  18/20
 Race   Thunderlord   Weight    16st 5lb  INT:     18  +2  +3  +0  18/50
 Class  Necromancer   Turns used:         WIS:     10  +1  +0  +0     11
 Title  Novice        Game             0  DEX:     10  +1  +0  +0     11
 HP     13/13         Player           0  CON:     10  +3  -2  +0     11
 SP     3/3           Active           0


Force player descent                         : no  (birth_force_descend)
Word of Recall has no effect                 : no  (birth_no_recall)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Show level feelings                          : yes (birth_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : no  (birth_start_kit)
Restrict the use of stores/home              : no  (birth_no_stores)
Death is permanent                           : no  (birth_no_ghost)
Play as a fruit bat                          : no  (birth_fruit_bat)
Let's do a little PWMAngband walkthrough with a Thunderlord Necromancer to test out the new 1.1.12 version. This is gonna be fun: bad melee, bad ranged, very few offensive spells, pathetic stealth... But we get access to great buffs, undead slaves and even resurrection!

Lvl: 1, HP: 13, SP: 3

Sign: "Welcome to PWMAngband 1.1.12 beta 1"

So we start our journey (almost) naked in the town of Hobbiton. First thing is to go shopping and get basic stuff to avoid being killed by the first thing we meet. We get a Bastard Sword as weapon (best dice we can afford), some Rocks (for throwing), a book "Necromancy for Beginners", a potion of Cure Light Wounds, a scroll of Phase Door and an extra torch/ration. We learn the spell of Horrify: "Calls upon the dark forces and opens a channel into the mind of a monster, stunning and scaring it." The stunning effect should help, the scaring effect not so much...

Being told there's a Training Cave in town, we go investigate it to get basic experience and refill our purse. On the way, we get a quest to kill four kobold shamans... I guess this will have to wait a bit, since the Training Cave is only two levels deep. We enter the cave and kill our first monsters: a small kobold, a white icky thing and a white worm mass. We find a Violet Potion, a Black Potion, a spare torch and a pair of average gloves that we cannot use because they hinder our spellcasting. In the next room, we find four spare potions of Cure Light Wounds, and that's quite fortunate since we manage to get poisoned by another white worm mass. We kill an out of depth salamander for 20 exp -- Thunderlords have the highest experience penalty of all races (350%), so we need a whole 38 exp to advance to level 2 (compare that with human warriors who only need 10). We find a Misty potion, kill a large brown snake, and...

Lvl: 2, HP: 15, SP: 5

Very low hp roll, as we get a d13 roll per level here... We can learn two more spells, so we learn Detect Monsters and Phase Door. We cast them, leaving 43 exp to earn until the next level. We find a magical cloak right before being assaulted by Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog. We create visions of terror, and the mutt flees away... but as soon as we move into the corridor to chase him while he's still stunned, we get backstabbed (backbitten?) by Grip, which comes to investigate the disappearance of his fellow canine friend. And in a round, we are down to 2/15 hps, as we immediately find out that Fang is no longer stunned and has come back to bite us furthermore. We decide to read our lone Phase Door scroll, as the spell is still at 19% fail rate. We land in a big room with the two dogs already in line of sight... not good. We heal up and with out last 2 sp cast Horrify on one of the dogs who flees away. Unfortunately, an insect swarm decides that it's the perfect time to come pay us a visit... probably after smelling the blood of a soon to be deceased necromancer. Grip is the first to enter melee range and we manage to kill him in two rounds. The insect swarm comes the next turn and we obliterate it immediately. Fang recovers his courage, but it's too late for him -- it's now one on one and his erratic movement won't help him against my sword. We pick up his skeleton for our necromantic uses, and hit...

Lvl: 3, HP: 21, SP: 7

Another below average hp roll. We get another spell to learn and it's Remove Fear. A cutpurse manages to "cut" 33 gold from our purse (that's a lot of out of depth monsters on this LF2-feeling level), but we manage to get our gold back, along with a scroll titled "inquer ineo". We clear the whole level... but we still didn't get a level feeling. That's odd... But we have a way to find out why.

PowerWyrm: "DarkGod?"
DarkGod: "Yes?"
PowerWyrm: "I've explored 50ft of the Training Cave completely and still didn't get a level feeling. Any idea why?"
DarkGod: "Let me check..."

Moments later...

DarkGod: "Alright, my bad. I save important dungeon flags in the savefile and forgot to add some last time I modified the list. From now on, I'll save all the flags, not only the important ones, it should prevent such errors. I guess it pays off to do beta testing for these dungeons..."
PowerWyrm: "So how do I fix the level feeling?"
DarkGod: "For the level you're on, you can't, the flag simply isn't there anymore. But take a nap, and when you wake up, it should be fixed for future dungeon levels."
PowerWyrm: "Alright let's do that."

And the next morning (or what looks like morning inside a cave)...

Sign: "Welcome to PWMAngband 1.1.12 beta 2"
PowerWyrm: "Sweet!"

Since there's nothing more to do on this level, let's take the closest staircase to 100ft. First, we quaff a few potions and id-by-use Water, Speed and Boldness. The scroll we have is ided as Life. Next level should be less dangerous, as we already neutralized two of the three vicious dogs that can be found there. Still we should be careful about parties of other adventurers...

We climb down the stairs, find a new scroll and a potion of Speed, and enter a room with a shrieker mushroom patch inside. Our stealth is horrible and the shroom is out of range for our rocks... but we still take a chance at killing it before something bad happens. And of course it wakes up, just when a wild cat and Wolf enter the room... so now we have a fast +20 kitty and doggy to deal with. We terrify Wolf, but kitty is already on us and wipes half our hps before we can do anything. That's really bad... Not many options here, we can cast something with fail rate over 10%, we could heal... and see our hps get wiped immediately, we could try a round of melee... and risk missing. I decide to go for the spell and terrify the wild cat. It works, giving time to heal up, but now a soldier has also entered the room, and this triple threat is clearly not manageable. Unfortunately there's no other way than quaffing that potion of Speed, as Wolf has recovered from stunning and fear, and is already back at us. We clear the threat and get four extra potions of Cure Light Wounds for our effort. And a third canine skeleton... While our temporary speed buff lasts, we also clear the remaining adventurers (an acolyte and two cutpurses) from the soldier's party, and...

Lvl: 4, HP: 26, SP: 9

This is really bad. We should have an average of 34 hps at this point. These three consecutive low hp rolls will make the early game miserable, especially with a hard class like necromancer. We can learn another spell: Find Traps, Doors and Stairs. Back to the previous floor (remember, we didn't start with a scroll of Word of Recall, so eventually we'll have to climb back to town), we feel there are not many treasures on the level... which still means there are some to be found. Indeed we find a Broad Sword (+4, +3) which is better than our average Bastard Sword, three more potions of Speed, more potions of Cure Light Wounds, and a scroll of Phase Door. We go back to the second floor, as I really want to be at least level 5 before leaving the Hobbiton area. We find a sling (+1, +4) in the room we land in, but we still don't have ammo for it so we keep it in the backpack. We find an out of depth poltergeist and, although we have neither infravision nor the ability to see invisible, we manage to spot him with our small telepathy range. For now, it's only a couple squares wide, but it'll improve as we increase our experience level. We find a Lavender potion, which identifies as Resist Heat. We also id two new scrolls: Summon Monster (we get a copperhead snake) and Blessing. We disarm a truckload of siren and alarm traps, find a good pile of scrolls of Phase Door, id a Metallic Blue potion as Resist Cold, kill a white jelly (and getting poisoned), and finally...

Lvl: 5, HP: 32, SP: 11

The RNG has decided we'll suffer through the early stages of the game. Oh well, it'll have to do. For our spell to learn, we get Raise Dead. Now we can get our first undead slaves from the corpses and the skeletons of the enemies we defeat. We can't really use that spell yet, as not only it has a 25% fail rate, but it costs extra SP for each undead slave it manages to raise, which we don't have yet. On the way we pick up a (+5, +4) sling, which replaces the previous one, a +5 cloak (our current cloak is only +3), a Clear potion (of Neutralize Poison), some Ceruleans potions which blind us when used, a Grey potion (of Heroism), a Yellow potion (of Slowness), we trigger a dozen more alarms and sirens, but we finally manage to get back to the stairs. We climb up, cast detect stairs, spot another up staircase, and go back to town.

Unfortunately, it's night time in town... and it's totally out of the question to travel in the wilderness at night, with zero infravision and just a torch, when hydras roam the swamps and giants can be found in the hills. We'll have to wait for the morning. We take some time to look at our current possessions and see what we could buy in the town. We currently have 523 gold pieces... that's not much. Our supply of Cure Light Wounds and Phase Door should be enough, so the only thing we really need at this point is a bunch of Iron Shots for our sling, or maybe a Magic Shot if there's one in the Black Market. There is none, so we buy some regular shots in the General Store and some enchanted ones in the Weaponsmith. While we rest up, we're told we have failed our quest... well we'll get another one when we reach another dungeon.
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