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Next morning we leave Hobbiton and take the east route. We reach the Brandywine Bridge without any random encounter on the way, but as soon as we step on the bridge, we get harassed by Otho and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, which grab our remaining 13 gold pieces and keep coming back to bitch about someone called Frodo. We leave them to their grief, as we really don't want to get caught by the night before reaching our destination, the town of Bree. East to the bridge, we find a suburb area. We kill an apprentice and rob his house, which reveals to be very profitable. We get a Nickel-Plated rod (... of Acid Balls!), a Nickel-Plated wand (of Wonder), a Light Violet potion (of Infravision), an average robe, some Elvish Waybread, a Light Blue potion (of Slime Mold Juice), some scrolls titled "aedivus lo" (of Identify, but we have nothing to identify yet), a Purple potion (of True Seeing), more Phase Door scrolls, some Moldy mushrooms (of Fast Recovery), an Amber ring (of Searching), more enchanted Iron Shots, leather boots +5, up to 12 potions of Cure Serious Wounds, and all sort of food and beverages. We spend some time eating vegetables and drinking ale and resume our journey. We kill a few adventurers on the way and reach...

Lvl: 6, HP: 36, SP: 13

And our hps are now 25% below average, with five consecutive bottom rolls. We learn the spell for this level: Confuse Monster. We go east some more and finally reach Bree. Nice little town surrounded by trees. Since we don't have any money at all, we don't stay in town and instead go south to the closest suburb area. We use our Deed of Property to buy a small cottage -- we will probably stay in the area for a while. West of our home, we find the entrance of a dungeon in the middle of some hills: the Barrow-Downs. We rush to the entrance as the night falls on the hills... it would be ill-advised to stay too long in the open, there are hill giants that inhabiting this area and we really don't want to meet one right now. We take a down staircase to 50ft under the surface...

We get another quest, which is to kill kobold archers this time. We should be able to complete this one: they're found at 200' and we have a detection spell. Since we're now basically experienced, we skip this first level by casting stair detection and taking the first stairs we find. Next level is also uneventful, so we take another staircase to 150ft. We find an average shield and almost get killed by a party of soldiers. We feel that there are only scraps of junk, so when we find another staircase, we take it immediately. Now we are at 200' and we can start finding kobold archers. There are none in the vicinity, but we spot a group of snotlings, which should give nice experience at our level. There "may not be much interesting" on this level, but that's not for sure, so we decide to explore a bit. The casual dirt and grass tiles, trees and mountain walls, make this dungeon quite lively. We paste a second group of snotlings, and...

Lvl: 7, HP: 48, SP: 15

Finally we talk. We can learn two more spells on this level, but we only have one left to learn in our first spellbook of necromancy: Frost Bolt. This will be quite handy, when we manage to reduce the fail rate lower than the current 25% fail. We find out first kobold archer and kill him, so we only have two more to kill for our quest. We find a Hawthorn staff (of Detect Evil), which is useless to us, and some scrolls (of Treasure Detection). There is not much interesting on this level indeed, so we take the stairs to 250ft. We arrive in a room with a bunch of hobbits and Bullroarer. We could use Frost Bolt on him, but just decide to use the Rod of Acid Balls instead. Poor Bullroarer... he drops a (+2, +6) short bow and a magical main gauche that does less damage than our current broad sword. And also...

Lvl: 8, HP: 50, SP: 17

Damn, more bad hp rolls! We cast Detect Monsters... and immediately see a kobold pit to our east! This should be profitable... We immediately cast Detect Traps to be sure there are no trap doors on the way to the pit... but no. Unfortunately, we don't manage to exit a room before the kobolds start pouring from the pit so we have to retreat inside another corridor, staying in line of sight to many kobolds shamans and their confusing/cursing spells. But we manage to slaughter the kobolds at the cost of our Cure Light Wounds potions. We find a Lead-Plated wand (of Stinking Cloud), a Light Purple potion (of Berserk Strength), some average arrows (we switch to the short bow we found previously), an ego short sword (the reward for killing those kobold archers), an Iron wand (of Haste Monster), some scrolls (of Detect Invisible), and a Hazy potion (of Confusion). We use one of our ID scrolls on the short sword and learn the rune of poison brand. On average, it's slightly better than our current broad sword so we equip it. We take another quest, this time for green oozes. Good, they're already at depth. And I forgot...

Lvl: 9, HP: 54, SP: 19

We're gonna be the sickliest Thunderlord necromancer ever... After clearing the kobold pit, we spot Smeagol in the distance and go kill him. As always, he only drops a few copper coins (go figure). As there's nothing interesting left on the level, we go down to 300ft. We instantly feel nervous about this place... We find some scrolls (of Magic Mapping) and detect a bunch of minor demons in a pit. Not sure if we can handle a demon pit at this stage. Most of them are tengus, which can be killed without too much trouble, we'll have to be careful with the homunculi and lure the demons one by one if possible... On the way, we find a Pewter wand (of Slow Monster) and a scroll (of Monster Confusion). Unfortunately, we miscalculate the position of the demon horde and come to line of sight to a tengu, which summons us inside the pack. We phase away, but still next to another tengu. This is bad, the rest of the demons will soon be close again. We quaff a potion of Speed to help out, heal up and move to a safer place. Let's play some table tennis with demons... and we are the ball!

Lvl: 10, HP: 66, SP: 21
Lvl: 11, HP: 68, SP: 23

Then we face our first homunculous. We take no chance at getting paralyzed and one-shot him with Acid Balls. We continue to send demons back to hell, and...

Lvl: 12, HP: 69, SP: 25

We are now definitely the worst Thunderlord ever born! Unfortunately, we have to bail out, as our supply of Cure Serious Wounds potions is now also depleted. We have accumulated over 5k au anyway, it's time to go back to town and restock. We purchase the second book of necromancy: Dark Conjurings. We can learn five more spells: Disable Traps, Resist Cold, Teleport Self, Stone To Mud, and Shadow Touch (grants a vampiric brand to the equipped weapon -- very nice, once the fail rate drops below the starting 38% fail). The Weapon shop has a sling of power +19 along with enchanted iron shots, so we buy the lot and get rid of our short bow. We also buy a lantern from the General Store. With a new stock of cure potions, we go back to the dungeon.

Our landing level is dull and boring, so we take the first staircase down to 400' inside a checkerboard with Grishnak and his escort inside. We open fire with Acid Balls, make a baby silver dragon horrified and start to pelt the orcs with shots. We are disturbed by a group of phantom warriors, which hit very hard at this point, so we have to phase away before we have a chance to finish off Grishnak. We manage to clear all the enemies, including Grishnak, and he drops an everburning lamp. Nice. And it's enough for...

Lvl: 13, HP: 74, SP: 27

The hps of a gnome... We gain a new spell: Satisfy Hunger. And find some scrolls (of Satisfy Hunger), so we're more than well fed now. Nothing interesting otherwise on the level, so we go down to 450ft. We find a Vespertine potion (of Sleep), a Cedar staff (of Darkness), dispatch some orcs and some wolves, and stumble upon Lagduf. He dies fast, but only drops an enchanted short bow. Lying on the ground, we find our first artifact: the Shovel of the Miner.

m) the Shovel of the Miner <+1>
     Found lying on the floor at 450 feet (level 9).

     +1 strength.
     +1 tunneling.
     +1 light.
     Radius 1 light.
Afterwards, we take the closest staircase to 500ft. We find a worthless cloak and ID our first curses: vulnerability and hallucination. We also find a Hemlock staff (of Cure Light Wounds), an Aluminium-Plated wand (of Magic Missile) and replacement +5 boots for our old ones that have been corroded by acid. We pick up a Hematite ring, which allows us to learn the "poly race" rune: it's a ring of Polymorphing. Unfortunately it's not automatically identifying itself, as it was before. And we don't really want to activate the ring to find out which race it is (it appears as "+52 poly race" when we inspect it), because we would take a penalty of -1 to all our stats and the 10d10 damage from the ring's explosion could potentially kill us outright. Not mentioning that we could end up polymorphed into a mold or jelly, which would end our journey immediately. I'll report to DarkGod about that problem and take a nap... maybe it'll be fixed when I wake up.
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