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The next morning:

Sign: "Welcome to PWMAngband 1.1.12 beta 3"

Alright, a new update from the DM. We recall back to the Orc Cave area, then to 1100ft. The level is dull, so we go down once more... to the last level of the Orc Cave. And surely Azog is there. We map the area... and it's not good. A cavern level. We find a Jewelled ring (of Flames), a Pearl ring (of Lightning), a Rosewood staff (of Teleportation), kill some trolls, and prepare for Azog. We quaff Speed, discharge Acid Balls, activate our rings and gloves, and he already flees. We finish him with frost bolts. His drops... a hard leather armor of Resistance (useless to us, but better than we have), and this iron shot:

a) the Iron Shot 'Tardin' (1d4) (+11,+0) {*@f0}
     Dropped by Azog, King of the Uruk-Hai at 1150 feet (level 23).

     Branded with acid.
     Returns when thrown.

     Combat info:
     1 shot/round.
     Hits targets up to 100 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 109.3 vs. creatures not resistant to acid, and 43.7
     vs. others.
No extra damage, but the acid brand will be handy. And with this, we have conquered the Orc Cave. We recall... and almost get splattered by a cyclops and a storm giant because it's night time again. Would be nice to have a command that tells us what time of day it is... We flee, then recall to Bree. The Black Market has boots of Mirkwood (with resist poison)... but we're 30 gold short to afford them. Bummer. We go kill a few townies, but the boots are gone from the shop when we come back. At least we manage to recharge our wand of Acid Balls with our Recharging spell. Then we go spend the night at the inn...

We wake up early, it's still night outside... but we see a sign just outside the inn.

Sign: "Press '%' for info about the current time of the day"

We try this new command... and we're told that it's the 12th hour of the night. Sweet! Since sunrise is on its way, we check the shops and prepare for our next journey: a trip to the Old Forest. The area is a bit west of the Barrow-Downs, and it only takes us two hours to reach the area (I already love the '%' command). Since we've already been to 1150ft, we can recall at that depth inside the forest. We activate our Star, and see a map full of trees and water squares. Nice. We find a Dragon Tooth amulet (of Searching), and we fill our empty neck slot. The Rat King is on this rather boring level, so we kill him before going deeper. We identify a Bamboo staff (of Starlight), a scroll (of Enchant Weapon To-Hit), kill some wererats, and hit:

Lvl: 24, HP: 150, SP: 73

We learn the spell of Dispel Undead, but I'm sure we won't be using that much. Then to the stairs we go.
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