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I've rebased this off 7.0.2

There's a repository:

There have been some code changes, but mostly only to things that probably shouldn't be hardcoded. Here's a changelog:
  • 'New' race, half-orc.
  • Half-ogres have had their stats shuffled and gotten some powers. There should be more incentive to play as a mage now.
  • Half-giants are worse with bows.
  • Poison damage is applied much more quickly - 1/4 per turn instead of 1/10
  • There are more tools available to combat poison. !slow poison and !cure poison are back in place of neutralise poison, the latter is very good but not perfect (,cure poison is still perfect). CCW will reduce poison
  • Cure x wounds potions in generally have all been buffed slightly
  • Most weapons have slightly increased base damage. The Big 3 are still better than the others, but less so. Chaos blades have an increased variance in damage.
  • There are things made of mithril to wear in aux slots (head, hands, feet etc). They are not as rare or as powerful as dragon boots/gloves/helms etc
  • Base armour for mithril chainmail, and mithril and adamantite platemail have increased
  • New handwear that gives damage bonuses. Cesti renamed to Caestus and given a fair damage boost and reduced AC (find mithril gauntlets). Some footwear has been given small damage bonuses.
  • Greater Hell Beast is back
  • All the removed vaults and room templates have been returned
  • All the quests I'd previously converted from Kangband are back
  • There is a new town. Unfortunately it seems to be where Zul should be, and Zul seems to have gone. I'll try and fix that.
  • More to come!

Note: Morivant quests are broken right now. I'll update the thread when things are more.. playable.

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