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Beginning of a new world, part 1. List of changes since last time:

- Change starting town and base town to "struct town" containing name and coordinates
- Parse starting and base town names and coordinates from town.txt
- Rename starting town and base town Hobbiton and Carn Dûm and place them at their real location on the pseudo-Middle Earth map
- Remove WILD_GRASS restriction for town suburbs, allow houses on waste and glacier terrains (for base town)
- Parse wilderness level from wild_feat.txt
- Set monster/object level depending on wilderness level and distance from towns
- Use an array of "struct town" for towns
- Parse town features from town_feat.txt
- Add town of Bree, parse coordinates from town.txt and layout from town_bree.txt
- Add town of Lothlorien, parse coordinates from town.txt and layout from town_lothlorien.txt
- Add town of Minas Anor, parse coordinates from town.txt and layout from town_minas_anor.txt

Also more stuff from V and some bugs fixed:
- Remove trap, door and stair detection
- Replace Sense Traps, Doors & Stairs with Spiritual Hammer (Telepath class)
- Tidy menu for curse removal
- Move objects when lava is created
- Make stone to mud destroy passable rubble
- Prohibit stone to mud effect in towns
- Fix some TOWN_WALL (no wilderness) issues

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
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