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I don't get it. I can see plenty of places where, even if you aren't using dodging/flanking for some reason, Dodging would provide some utility, for example, dodging arrows or running from fast-moving enemies. Leaping isn't going to do a whole lot for you, in contrast. I don't really think Sprinting is that good, either, considering how many herbs of terror and potions of quickness you can find in the game. I guess you can leap over a chasm and shoot like you said... I don't really like archery much though, I haven't gotten much success with it.

I don't know, I guess I feel that there are a few abilities in each skill that are clearly better than the rest, that make the other abilities too expensive to consider using, despite them being theoretically interesting to use. To be fair, it seems like several of these abilities, especially in the Will and Song trees, are designed for Stealth characters. And some are just useless like Curse Breaking and Mind Over Body, and probably Eye for Detail.

Actually, I can make a list:

Melee: Finesse, ZoC, Follow-Through, Momentum (very good lategame), Strength, Rapid attack (Throne room only, otherwise it makes you weaker). Power tree is bad in comparison, and free attacks are good.
Evasion: Dodging, Flanking, Parry+Riposte, Dexterity. The really good thing about dodging+flanking, aside from generating interesting combat, is that you can get "haste" by using !quickness.
Stealth: Opportunist, Cruel Blow (I don't really do stealth but free attacks and confusion are good)
Perception: Lore abilities, Rauko-Bane, Keen senses (very useful), Concentrate would be here but it is broken by other useful abilities that give free attacks.
Will: Hardiness, rPois, constitution
Smithing: Artistry seems kind of useless
Song: Slaying, Staying (actually really good), Trees (if no keen senses), Sharpness, Woven Themes. I think the other songs are more stealth-oriented...
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