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I'm Sprinting's #1 fanboy. Sprinting reasons:

1) running away from enemies, even fast ones that would otherwise lead to your horrific demise if you had to disengage from
2) running towards enemies running away from you, like orc archers, fleeing uniques and so on, things that are usually a gigantic pain to deal with
3) sprinting/flanking synergy - attack 1.5x as fast by running in a circle
4) sprinting/flanking/dodging synergy - the above, but with +3 evasion
5) sprinting free hits secret tech (run away until your next turn is free, hit the opponent chasing you, repeat)
6) similar to 5), sprinting/charge free hits
EDIT: 7) charge/flanking secret tech, which again is in the same constellation as sprinting/dodging (you can activate charge off of a flanking attack. to do it, you need to charge in the right direction and then step diagonally past an orthogonally adjacent enemy, or orthogonally past a diagonally adjacent enemy.)

Yes you can use consumables to be fast, but you'll run out of them if you use them for every such situation where sprinting is useful.

Yes there are boots of sprinting, but 1 you might not find them, 2 now you have to put free action on a different slot.
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