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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
FYI, I haven't forgotten. I'm working on editing wobbly's preferred music into the recording.

Edit - if you're wondering why this is taking so long: I'm trying to download wobbly's chosen song from YouTube. My preferred YouTube downloader (Ant Downloader) doesn't work with my version of Firefox (I'm using a beta of Firefox 57 aka Firefox Quantum). So, I'm looking for a better alternative to download. Of course, I'll have to convert it to mp3 and then integrate it in my recording. Moreover, I'll make his song loop throughout the video. My OBS recording of wobbly's SoC fight was ~24 minutes long.
If you google 'youtube mp3' you get lots of sites that take a youtube url and spit out an mp3 download. Try ?
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