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Originally Posted by elliptic View Post
The new changes look good - I'm especially happy about removal of clone monster and of 555 (I was getting tired of watching other people abuse 555, and I use no_wilderness myself...).

As one of the people involved with making the "mpa changes", I thought I'd give my perspective on the three points of contention listed by chris. Other people involved might see things differently of course.

[1] Monster lore: I'd simply prefer to be able to look at monster memory in-game to check each time exactly which eight breaths the Yamata-no-Orochi has. The alternatives are to play with r_info.txt open or to occasionally get breathed on for 600 damage because I didn't remember the precise set of attacks some monster had. Monster memory that persists between games and grows as you encounter new monsters is a cool idea, but there are too many ways to lose access to your monster memory and have to start over with it.

[2] Item lore: I added the L25 automatic stone of lore effect because I almost always found Stone of Lore by around then (usually between L20 and L30) anyway. So if you are going to have access to unlimited ID anyway, why not simplify things and not make players carry it around forever and worry about accidentally dropping it somewhere? That way players can focus more on parts of the game that actually matter.

For ID = *ID*, there are a couple things I dislike about typical *band *ID*. First, with fixed artifacts it encourages looking at artifact spoilers to save *ID* for other items. This leads to wandering around with resistances inaccurately listed in your character sheet (but you know what they are anyway). Second, it is usually pretty confusing and complicated to figure out which items need to be *ID*ed because they might have extra properties - or to figure out which properties you can detect by convoluted testing.

I believe in Poschengband there is a town *ID* service, so these issues aren't as bad as in some other *bands - they just mean that you have to go back to town frequently and spend a little money. This still isn't very interesting.

[3] no_selling: Bringing back items to town to sell them is tedious and uninteresting. There are already more interesting tradeoffs for how to spend your pack space - items that actually do something or that you might want to use some day.

That said, digging for gold is just as bad. Personally I basically never dig for gold, and I think most people who use no_selling don't either. I would be very happy myself if digging for gold just wasn't a thing, and players had to explore and fight in areas of the game that actually contain monsters to get gold.

If there are concerns about monsters dropping too much gold in no_selling, that can just be reduced. I would happily play with no_selling even if it didn't get any bonuses to gold drops compared with selling.
Thanks for your feedback. It is nice to know some of the concrete reasons for changes, and I'll continue to consider alternatives. It just seemed like it would be a hassle for you guys to try to keep the mpa-poschengband repository up to date with the official release, so if aspects of game play are super annoying, I'd like to address these. I've added easy_id and easy_lore as birth options, and I've taking stabs at addressing the no_selling issue. Getting perspectives from other players is always helpful!

If there are other show-stoppers, please let me know and I'll try to address them. I've grabbed many bug fixes from you guys, as well as just cool changes (like Rune-sword changes or having android construction points visible on an object level). Again, thanks for your contributions!

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