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New Monster Nest/Pit rarity

In the latest nightly, there are some changes to monster pits and nests. The two major changes are:
1. You can add types via the pit.txt edit file.
2. The rarities have been tweaked.

Let me expand on this second point. There are 5 kinds of monster "pits" (where you have an organized group of monsters): Orc, Troll, Giant, Dragon, and Demon. Whenever cave generation decided to build one, the way it would choose which one to build was to generate a random number between 1 and your depth. If that number was less than 20, you got an orc pit; less than 40, and you got a troll pit, and so on.

The problem with this is it means that at DL80, for example, 25% of all pits you saw were Orc pits. Orc pits are not exciting at DL80. Neither are Troll pits, and they formed another 25%.

A similar calculation happened for the 3 monster "nests": jelly, animal, and undead. At DL80, 37.5% of all monster nests would be filled with jellies and such.

Now I've changed that. The exact method of calculation is a little involved, so I won't get into it here. But now you are very unlikely to see orc pits beyond DL 50 or so. At DL35, approximately half the pits are orc pits, and half are troll pits. At DL55, approximately half are troll pits, and half are giant pits. And so on. There is a small chance of seeing an easier or a harder pit than these.

I hope to add more types of nests and pits in the future, as well as adding some variations on the room structure (for instance, small nests that are 5x5 or so instead of 5x13 or so). But for now, I hope you'll enjoy your more dangerous deeper nests and pits.
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