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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Are runes a language? Is there one for sustain stat, one for modify stat, another for increase stat, and another set of runes, one for each stat? After that, there would be a different rune for each spell effect, and one for each element bolt/ball/beam/breath/area/zone; Frost/fire/elec/acid/life/stone2mud etc.

That cuts the number of things to figure out from O(n*m) to O(n+m) That is a much less painful mini-game.
There are currently:
  • 3 combat runes - to_a, to_h, to_d
  • 19 flag runes - sustains, telepathy, pBlind, random teleport, etc
  • 12 modifier runes - stats, stealth, speed, etc
  • 13 resist runes
  • 5 brand runes
  • 8 slay runes

Note that these are all for properties that objects confer when worn - nothing to do with effects.
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