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I have to say that quickband mode is good. I think actually reducing it to just the experience, healing, and drop-quality changes would be enough.

I would actually go so far as to say I think that this should just be the default way the game is played. I find most of the difficulty in poscheng is because of randomized energy, the rest boils down to annoying stuff I have to put up with to get that thrill of being put in any situation where I could be double-moved into death. The healing changes are also good, but they were combined with nerfing the heck out of healing staves, so this wasn't so obvious until the serpent fight (where I was able to mostly rely on normal !healing, which was nice.)

I don't think the unique% mode makes much difference to play length or difficulty, but I think it would be cool to add a few thousand more uniques and then expect that everyone will play with 30% or something. (This isn't a joke.) It'd be like the mugen of angband variants.

Anyhow, count this as a vote to get rid of the quickband option, get rid of some of the superfluous stuff (e.g. statboosts every 3 levels instead of every 5) and just roll the rest of the changes into the main game.
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