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I would give some thoughts about things which bothered me while playing. I know that some are probably too much (either dev time or balance) so feel free to just ignore those
Some of the below is maybe already discussed or even changed recently, most of my experience is from 4.0.3.

1) Make groups work as a group. Protecting the boss/caster instead of fleeing, act and move together (so you can't wake them up one by one and lure and kill them separately).
2) Intelligent monsters could behave more intelligently. Don't cast the 3rd fire spell or breathe fire against an @ having iFire. Try to find the holes in @ resistances when casting spells and with some chance prefer those spells which hurt. But we also should not make Morgoth cast mana storm each turn...
3) There are some monsters which almost never worth fighting. But if they were guarding something it would make the players at least think. The other day I found an oval vault full of various hounds and 6 items in the middle protected by a wall. Probably introduced in 4.1.3 as I never seen it before and upgraded to this version just recently. I cleared the vault hoping that I find something useful - but nothing. Next time I'll probably just skip such places. But if I know that the treasure is something nice it would worth it. I know it's a little offtopic but higher level potions/scrolls/wands are useful for anyone so if such monster groups would guard those things with higher chance then it could pay off visiting them.
4) As more challenge I would also see not only randarts but random monsters. Breathe fire replaced by a random base element with some chance, breathe high elements with another one in a similar way. Spells also with a same level spell attack. Yes, this could result in strange things like both red and blue dragons breathe fire but actually I would not have a problem with that. But we could also leave out some monsters from this change (don't randomize elemental hound/dragon/vortex breaths etc). Also randomize which elements the monsters resist.
5) This is probably a too big change but I would like monster inventories being used. Intelligent monsters use that healing potion if they have it etc. Define a set of items which could be used, they should not banish @ though This also means a rebalancing of those items in drop rates. Additionally player attacks should also destroy items in monster inventory, not only on the floor. I don't even mind monsters wearing the gear they would drop but that's probably too much code change. Though it would make sense if a humanoid monster started using the bow he will drop but this would lead too far - why don't all archers drop a bow together with the rest of the ammo etc? Also attacks and resistances are probably for monster types, not for individual instances so that's just really a crazy idea.
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