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Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
What do you think the general strategy is here with regard to diving for the character? I REALLY felt that I was pushing my luck on D:37, so I feel that I can’t go too much deeper until I get a better strength score.
I agree 100% --- too many close calls here. Even if you are still alive, you are depleting your consumables to survive at this depth (!healing, -teleother, !ccw). Time to back up a little and look for stat potions and a better kit. A shield of resistance would help filling your holes. A second ring of strength may be a good idea, but see how it works for you.
The best find at this point would be an item granting telepathy, which would solve your detection problems and greatly improve your survivability, or some source of speed (you can't use Totila without seriously crippling your damage output).
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