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Originally Posted by bron View Post
As you can imagine, I'm not real confident that I remember the complete history of these wands, so this is likely to be inaccurate. That said: One wand was bought from the Black Market, the rest were picked up in the dungeon. I have no idea if they were originally on the ground, or if they were dropped by a defeated monster. I did stash the first couple in my Home for awhile, until I had built up a stack of three. I have recharged them before, always in the same way: I have a stack in my inventory with zero charges, I drop one wand, Recharge it on the ground, step to the side (without picking it up), drop another one, Recharge it, etc., until I only have one wand remaining in my inventory. I Recharge the last wand (in my inventory), then pick-up all the charged wands off the ground. I have had at least one wand blow up on a recharge attempt. For this particular set of wands, they have always been discharged in the same way: via the "Tap charges for mana" spell. I don't think I have ever actually fired one at an enemy.

I find it hard to believe that any of that is going to be useful, but I hope to be proven wrong -
Thanks - probably not, but maybe

I've done a fix which makes that savefile not crash, but it's fixing when the numbering has gone wrong rather that stopping it going wrong, so I do want to have another look at it.
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