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The problem with townscumming ...

... is that there *could* be the item you want in the store. If the item was automatically in stock, you could buy it. If it could never be in stock, you'd forget about it and go back to the dungeon. But because it's possible, you scum and/or buy out the store.

So how about a model where stores *only* sell guaranteed items. We can have endless debates about what they should be (too few makes the game frustrating, too many takes some fun out of it), but nobody will ever bother to townscum or buy out stores. I gave my list in the other thread (ammo, ?recall, ?ID, restore stats, maybe ?PD - oh, and town spellbooks), but I suspect we'd end up with a few more (oil, food etc.).

If this sounds too scary, how about a town with two shops - a general store that stocks the agreed list of guaranteed items, and a BM-type pawnbroker who stocks *anything*, from !slowpois to =speed, but with such tiny probabilities you'd never bother to scum it. That way you at least get some variation on your return to town.

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