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Originally Posted by pav View Post
What the hell is this constant complaining about so called townscumming? Surely if you don't like it, don't do it, who's forcing you?
I wasn't trying to complain (at least not entirely..): Andi Sidwell said he was looking at store stocks for 3.1.1 again to minimize the impetus for buying out/store scumming, so I was trying to provide feedback by way of describing my scummy needs. The other thread I was asking a plea for advice as I have trouble surviving in games where I don't townscum (in some variants, at least).

I don't think the debate is so much whether storescumming is good or bad - folks like me see it as a necessary evil (if that). The debate is more over what the philosophy of store stocking should be: to provide all necessities all the time and thus obviate the need for any storescumming whatsoever, or to provide a mix of ample necessities and flavorful extras to allow for some interesting purchasing decisions... if you find such things interesting. We're tending towards the latter, which is as it's traditionally been.

This is all a roundabout way of saying that I think you misunderstand what's being discussed: its a reexamination of the role of stores, not a complaint over the inconvenience of resting in the dungeon waiting for the stores to restock.
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