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- How is a girdle supposed to work? On the Character screen I can see "Around your waist" (Mighty Girdle) and "In your belt" (nothing) ..
- How do I recharge wands?
- Why did the "wand of trap destruction" always fail for my dwarven warrior between level 3 and 7? (It's annoying, because it means I cannot get rid of traps at all ...)
- How do I shoot at things? Think I did it at one point (tutorial, pretty sure at that), but I can't remember or figure it out again? - or is a dwarven warrior unable to shoot bows ?!

Originally Posted by DarkGod View Post
Imbuing requires a talent, try alchemists, or saving one.
Can't find a fitting talent in the "G" list, guess I'l try an alchemist next

The day & night cycle is not implemented because it does not add gameplay IMO.
Not, if you don't provide for it
Try FAAngband for an example of "better don't be out at night"
If sneaking, monster (re)spawn is dependant on light levels and "dark creatures flee the light of day" etc., it surely would add!

Some more remarks:

- (speaking of light levels.. shouldn't Trolls be suspectible to light, instead of resistant?!

- You can run through shops, opening at least 2 shop windows at once as a result.

- Shop had "poisonous poisonous iron shot" ...

- Quivers should hold more than 1 ammo type

- Ammo as "guaranteed consumables" is more annoying than having scrolls/potions.

- no crossbows? Dwarf with Longbow seems odd ...

- there's a "shooter" slot missing .. or arrows could go into the off-hand, as the shooter is blocking the 2nd weapon set atm anyway.

- The infusion/rune system does not work well, as it severely curtails beginning characters - and especially for those, the status of "consumables" just switches from scrolls/potions to the infusions/runes, as you'll have to drag a bunch of them around, to switch them as needed.

- please solve the old "hockey stick" problem with LOS.

- AI pathfinding should be improved .. in the example below, the "m" would never go around on the outside to reach the @

- if a level resets, actors/object regen, and actors and traps are hidden again ... but object are generated visible, so all you have to do is run around and pick everything up

- I don't understand how lauchners (longbows) are supposed to work: it seems they have unlimited "default" ammo which is better then equivalent standard ammo?!

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