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As for my impressions on sil-q as compared to sil: I thought that the game was not different enough. A couple things were tweaked in various ways, but nothing that really makes we want to play it as compared to the original. It was more like a stab at a Sil 1.4, rather than a new game based on the old. Nothing wrong with that of course.

I was never very good with the songs even in the original game, and removing Slaying and Sharpness meant that I just don't take songs at all. This is one of the major changes in sil-q, and it largely just passes me by.

I like the removal of Artistry from Smithing, but don't quite understand all the cost changes that were made. Some things are cheaper, some things more expensive, and I don't quite follow the rationale for it all.

I like the addition of "resist fear" to Clarity.

I find the Silmarils are too easy to cut out of the Crown, but clearly that is partly because I run high strength characters who can wail away with heavy weapons.
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