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I'd be happy if they gave the Arkenstone back its clairvoyance that I remember from PC Angband 1.4. Alas, it was removed for "balance" reasons.
Why not add a silmaril as a light source?

If i can wield the Helm of Hammerhand, why can't I wield the Girdle of Melian?

Its clear from the LOTR movie that orcs save-scum. I saw the same Orc in multiple situations.

Tolkien was never sure of how exactly Glorfindel made his return appearance...

...maybe somebody should have told Tolkien about savescumming. Maybe that's why PJ replaced him with Arwen, who never did anything worse than marrying her first cousin (65 times removed).

Gandalf savescummed, but he used wizard mode and his file was marked as such.

Once I'm on the topic of the movie, why not replace the non-canon Rogrog the Black Troll with the Cave Troll of Moria? He exists in the book too, just not in such prominence. Even Tolkien purists would find themselves saying "they have a cave troll!" when they see him.

I shouldn't post when I'm so tired. Leads to Flame of Udun wars...
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