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You're not at the point where poison resist is super crucial yet, assuming you're careful. You'll definitely need it by the time you get down to about dlvl 60 or so. I'd keep going down, but cautiously.

Disenchant resist generally only comes into play when fighting uniques. Many of the more melee oriented uniques that you come across at that point will hit to disenchant. I usually don't worry about having it built into my normal kit, but I'll generally carry something around as a swap that has it.

The only "double resist" in Angband is normal resist + temporary resist. Unlike some of the other variants, resists from your gear don't stack - you either have it or you don't. Having the same resist on multiple pieces of gear does nothing for you. That being said, there are some uniques that can breathe elemental damage for 1600 unresisted, so even with resist that's a crap ton of damage. Fortunately nothing that breathes for that much should show up for you for quite some time yet. There are however Scatha and Itangast which could show up in vaults pretty soon who can breathe cold and fire respectively for roughly 700 or so unresisted.
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