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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
The outstanding feature of the vanilla combat system is that you want a dagger early and a MoD for lategame. Unlike DnD/nethack, its complex enough to accommodate such a shift.

What exactly makes it terrible in your opinion, and what would a system have to look like for you to like it ?
So at the start the dagger is good & everything else you find is weak & often by a fair bit, at least for a warrior. There are exceptions of course if you find an artifact, but mostly weapons that in theory should be reasonable, tend to be terrible. Then there's the issue that every weapon plays & feels the same. They are just damage numbers on a stat stick. I don't find it leads to interesting choices.

For examples of better combat systems, look at Sil or O-combat or DCSS. All of these have a tighter balance, more feel to the various weapons & more often an interesting choice.

Now when I say it's terrible, in some way its ok, it works, you can play the game, it's fun. However for me its fun despite the combat system, rather then because of it.
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