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Edain Pain

Hi everyone. I've been enjoying this wonderful game on my commutes, as a change from no-reloading Baldur's Gate on Android. After grabbing Sils with Elves & Dwarves, and getting revenge for uncle Fingolfin by taking down V himself for once it was time for the third age of men. After all, how hard could it be? Well it turns out that it's pretty fricking hard . My best efforts (atop a mound of the inglorious dead) have been a Hador that reached the stairs of Morgoth's hall only to fall to Vallach (shoulda got Rauko Bane...) and a Haleth who was going really well with Galadriel's shortsword till he got caught in a web for oh so long on 800 (shouldn't have wasted my !str on a Deathblade...). Small mistakes are punished oh so heavily when the consumables run out... my stealth game also probably could do with improving as I have never succeeded with a Lorien singer either.

So... anyway, enough of my laments for the dead... and on to a request for advice. For those who have done well with Edain, what adjustments - if any- did you make to your play relative to the other races? Are there any skills or builds that are less viable for men?
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