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So I was hoping someone else would answer as while I've won the whole set, most of my Edains die. I have the most luck with Haleths & find a simple build works the best. So for a Haleth warrior I like a riposte/cruel blow/finesse setup (+ the dex pt from stealth when it becomes economical) as that requires minimal abilities & leaves more pts to concentrate on raw melee/evasion. I think starting with less then 3 con is hard mode unless you plan on an archery, assassin, pacifist or singer build, so 2/2/3/1 stats-wise.

I think in general for Edains just keeping it simpler & diving slower (but being prepared to abandon a bad level) is the way to go. Perhaps from time to time look where your escape route to the nearest stair is & generally hug walls & avoid dark rooms till you have a "cleared" lit area to retreat to if things go pair shaped.
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