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Success . A Haleth braved the skeletons of those who went before, while taking note of what caused their demise. For those who have had trouble I found that the old formula of 3 Dex + 3 Con, putting all available pts into melee & evasion, and cautious play were enough to get through the tricky middle levels. The most blood freezing moments were a) getting stuck in a pit surrounded by rubble looking up at Morgoth at 300ft- !Con let me dig my way out, and b) The egregious mistake of gorging too much food as I cleared my inventory left me caught between an ancient spider and a bunch of trolls with a too much poison ticking away- very very fortunately digging took enough energy that I was able to guzzle some Miruvor with a turn to spare and flee. So many close calls, so much fun . This really is a game that keeps on giving, I look forward to trying some of the alternate playstyles like pacifist in the future.
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