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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC3 "Game of Candidates"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC3 ! See
Soooonnnn V1 !!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.f...ii-dreams.html

Release highlights:
Many many bugfixes & polishing
Prodigies now available at level 30 and 42
6 new prodigies

Expanded changelist:
Greatly improved Angrimley and novice mage staying power
Fixed lore in the ID and graveyard
Removed particle error debug lines
Illuminate now has a visual effect
NPCs can only pass target if the target and the npc given them are within at most sight range
When an NPC can has been fooled by teleporting away, it stays fooled instead of magicaly finding the way
Wildfire now prevents fire damage against self
Uttercold now allows to pierce iceblocks (without destroying them)
Tempest now grants daze chances to lightning, chain lightning and thunderstorm
Crystaline Focus now grants physical and spell saves
Buffed Phantasmal Shield
Phantasmal Shield now deals light damage
Game will switch to low FPS when in the background to save CPU
Stone Wardens correctly gain physical power from shields
Ai when fooled by teleports will not go straight to the player, they'll search at semi random aruond them in an increasing radius
Fixed timetravel freezes
Dimensional Step doesnt lock on npcs
Load Game can now load older games: WARNING: this WILL destroy the universe
Frostdusk provides darkness affinity
Meteor Rain doesnt do selffire
Meteoric Crash works with either spell or mind power
AI wanders around when it looses you
AI can be lost by going out of sight for a while
6 new prodigies: Superpower(str), Vital Shot(dex), Corrupted Shell(con), Cauterize(mag), Mental Tyrany(wil) and Tricks of the Trade(cun)
Reduced the rarity of zone specific artifacts
Sticky Smoke has a graphic
Added a --safe-mode flag, if the game is ran this way it will start in 800x600 windowed with as much graphical things disabled as possible
Witnessing Meteoric Crash prodigy will also unlock it
Prodigies points are gained at levels 30 and 42
Categories points are learnt at levels 10, 20 and 36
Level 50 now grants a bonus 10 stat points, 3 class & 3 generic points
Artifact gems will popup lore as other artifacts
Pure Aether at level 5 allows Aegis spells to be used while Aether Avatar is active
Dark Empathy prevents minions from damaging the master
Bligthed Summoning grants Bone Shield to Bone Giants
Fix Cornac description

Have fun!
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