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New Player With Strange Graphical Glitch

Hi all,

I have no Angband experience so this may be a strange/stupid question but here goes:

When I play in ASCII mode in 4.0, sometimes the @ symbol will disappear when I am walking through the dungeon. My light source seems to disappear at these times as well and it is like a black square is marching across the screen - it seems to take the wall # symbols along with it. This is annoying because I cannot tell where I am. Mobs who enter my black square of invisible-ness seem to disappear as well.

Is this supposed to happen? I had a couple of torches in my inventory... Meanwhile, the graphical tile sets worked just fine.

Also, I saw in screen shots of older versions that the walls of the dungeon were made of gray/white blocks. I kind of liked that look - any way to get that back?

I am in Windows 8.1 if that makes any difference and use an nVidia GTX 660 for graphics.

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