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Druid's actually fight better bare-handed, hence having no weapon. I think you can only assess the damage by the message generated. Here are the values:

punch 1d5
kick 2d4
knee 1d12
chop 2d7
uppercut 3d6
boot 3d9
bang on 6d4
slam 4d9
grapple with 13d3
hammer 9d6
head butt 3d24
strangle 8d10
roundhouse kick 5d19
assault 10d11
crush 11d11
double-kick 21d6
thunderclap belt 8d19
blizzard gouge 14d11
tsunami whirl 7,26
stormwind chop 10d22

A powerstrike always does the maximum damage for the type of hit.

How are you finding the druid so far? I have just started one too and have just reached CL13 in Wilderness DL12 - haven't found anything enchanted other than +2 cloak and a (+5,+5) Maine Gauche which is obviously of no use. I haven't seen a unique yet and the player ghost I took out didn't drop anything!
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