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Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
So if you ignore Anarion as the obvious specially crafted sustain Artifact, your randart set has more items with sustains, and the same total number over all. I think the main difference is that they come in packs less often. If you value sustains highly, an item with only one sustain will still be useless, while one of those truearts with three sustains might be usefull
For me as a player this looks ok. As you said this is the kind of thing that makes playing with randart intresting. It's not like you got 28 robes or something.
Fizzix would also need to print the randart spoiler over several dozen games and analyse the stats - that should show a convergence between the number of sustains in the standard set and the number in a randart set.

It is true that multiple sustains occur less often though - I'll make a note to address that.
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