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BYOBattleship: naval combat sim + ship designer

This is wildly off-topic for these forums, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on recently, and hope to continue to work on for awhile. It's a videogame, an arcadey naval combat sim where you can design your own ship to play as. If you've played Warship Gunner (an old PS2-era game), that's basically my design document: a singleplayer campaign through very alt-history WW2, with a variety of missions where you gradually accumulate new and better ship hulls and parts to take on bigger and stronger enemies. The working title, as per the thread title, is BYOBattleship.

I'm still working on implementing fairly fundamental game concepts, but the ship designer works:

and here's a video of me stress-testing the projectile system:

So while I still have an awful lot of work to do, it's showing promise.

I don't yet have a centralized place for updates, but I'm happy to chat about it here if y'all want to.
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