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Originally Posted by DrWho42 View Post
looks fun! do you maybe have a youtube channel so i could keep up with your work?
Thank you, and no, not yet. I will absolutely update this thread when I do. For the time being I've just been making short videos and sharing them in forums threads like this one.

Originally Posted by wobbly
I can't help seeing BYOBS in that name
I think if that's the worst I have to put up with, I'll be fine.

I'm a bit of a sucker for "design your own" style games. What kind of system is it going to be? slots?

Edit: Nevermind, its in the link
Yeah, it's pretty freeform. I want the ship design mode to make you feel like you have a lot of freedom while also having to take a variety of systems into account. So for example, bigger guns take up more belowdecks space, which cuts into the space that your boilers and screws occupy. And all belowdecks objects cut into your "volume" stat, which is required to add secondary systems like radar/sonar rooms, high-speed weapon loaders, etc. You'll be able to add more volume by building superstructure on top of the deck, but that cuts into the space you could use for more guns. And of course everything you add to your ship adds mass, which limits your speed and your capacity to add more armor.

At the moment I just have the "parts can't intersect other parts" and "parts must be fully on deck" bits implemented though. There's still lots more work to do.
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