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Today's major accomplishment was adding materials/textures to the ships.

This uses what's called "physically based rendering" which is basically a fancy term for having a whole bunch of textures to define various properties of the material like color, surface normal, reflectivity, etc. I downloaded these textures from They still clearly need some work, but they're just as clearly a huge step up from what I had previously.

This took some iteration. My initial attempts looked like this:

Or this:

Anyway, this was the big thing that was blocking me from adding more art to the game: I wanted to make sure I had every aspect of my pipeline sorted out before I churned out a bunch of new assets. So now whenever I feel blocked I can just spit out a new ship or gun or whatever and at least get that accomplished.

Today's minor accomplishment was making the ships stop traveling backwards. How did I not notice this was happening before? Literally all the ships were traveling aft-end-first. The cause was one of those trivial little things that's obvious in retrospect: in Blender's exporter, I'd set the "Forward" direction to be -Z instead of Z.
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