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So the answer is really "it depends" IMO. If you're going stealthy, you probably shouldn't be fighting something 1-1 unless it's already half-dead.

If you were going pure evasion/melee with reasonable protection, I'd probably want +20 to be safe, but again that depends on your own melee score right? Werewolves are hard because they're difficult to hit, so if you take too long to kill them, you will die.


a) Sneak away from them / don't attract them in the first place. This is very hard. I typically dive as hard as I can from 650' to 900' with stabby guys b/c cats and werewolves are so awful for them (ESPECIALLY CAT ASSASSINS), whereas things at 900'+ are generally slowish and not super perceptive.

b) Only sneak-attack them if you have a clear escape route. Sprinting helps.

c) With werewolves specifically, ZoC and Opportunist are super good because werewolves move erratically, so you get a lot of extra attacks = more chances to kill them. This isn't a great reason to take them with a stabber, but they're generally awesome abilities and it is nice to be able to kill stuff straight up if you mess up your sneaking.

I try not to spend more than 15pts of evasion with stealth-stabbers, less if I can get away with it. This does get tiresome though, as being a glass cannon is only really fun if you get to the cannon part, which takes a long time.
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