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[Pos]Quest-reward randart bug

I know that Posband hasn't been maintained for a while but in case someone could help me anyway, or just in case someone would be interested in picking up the variant (Nick?)...

I've come across a nasty bug several times involving the (tailored) generation of rewards in the Guild after completing a quest (I'm playing Posband 0.9.9 on windows Vista). The bug can either make the game crash or give many (5-800) error messages that the file "randart.txt" is missing. In the latter case a reward is created after the error messages but beyond this point the game won't save any more (message: Saving game... failed!) and the reward looks buggy (lacking the usual description on randart rings or just a pair of normal boots with speed and searching +6 and some resists, possible to 'd'estroy). The save file is not broken so I can keep on playing if I don't enter the Guild again.

Any ideas?
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