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Originally Posted by Drevasa View Post
well by multiplayer I mean 4 players making characters to form a party to challenge the dungeon.
Turn-based? Remote play?

"You hit the orc. The orc gets mad!"
"The orc beats the wizard good-style."
"You chat 'heal the wizard'"
"The priest has gone for a wee."

or alternatively:

"You chat 'signing off now guys, getting late'"
"The rogue chats 'just another hour'"
"You chat 'no way, I have work tommorrow'"
"The rogue chats 'please, dude - the party needs you!'"
"You chat 'okay, 20 mins'"
"The hours pass... you have slain the Dragon and liberated his hoard!"
"You have lost your job."

or most likely:

"Welcome back to DandDangband!"
"You see the rogue. You see the barbarian."
"The dwarf has not signed on yet (x23465)"

EDIT - my turn to be tired. Bloody Sangband! I missed fuma's post etc above. Let this just be a warning to you in case you ever think your idea would make a good computer game!
You sold a Broken Sword (1d2) (-2,-4) {average} (j) for 1 gold.
The shopkeeper howls in agony!
You say "Dude, the clue is in the name...".

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