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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
That could be easily "fixed" by making stat potions cap out at 18 instead of 18/100.

(Of course this would have massive, far-reaching implications)
Could be good for a coffee band versions of vanilla with 30 dungeon levels and stat gain starting around DL10.

@egavactip: Yes, I would also like to know what you do not like about rune ID. To be honest, I didn't mind so much the ID system when I played the deathwreaker comp. It was *really* nice IDing scrolls and potions and such, and I still hate in 4.1.2 finding a bunch of scrolls in a vault that I can't read because I don't want to blow up the vault. I end up going to really annoying and unsafe lengths to read three or four unknown scrolls in a vault, like dropping books, phase doors, cure light wounds and other replaceable items and picking up as many scrolls as I can (and other loot I mean to keep) and then reading the scrolls one by one.

In my current game, (Human Warrior) I got "lucky" and there was nothing in the vault to save at home (Deathwreaker Lite in the vault replaced my current weapon) so I was able to pick up all the unknown scrolls. I got lucky this time and the last scroll I read blew up the vault, but that never happens, it's always the first or second.

Deathwreaker Lite was found in a diagonal non permanent vault on DL 51, feeling 7-7. Now I have to wonder if there isn't something wrong in the code that gives a 7d8 Lochaber axe of slay evil and slay dragons powerfully and pConf a 7 feeling on DL51. It activates for berserk strength and comes with +4 STR as well. This weapon should easily be an 8 on DL98. Oh, and it doesn't come with aggravation.
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