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Question about Sil ruleset

Hello fellow wanderers of the First Age.

I'm Andrea from Italy, i do not consider myself a super expert avid Roguelike player but in the few i enjoyed a lot there is for sure Sil. I'm quite an avid TTRPG player falling in love both on settings & ruleset.

Years ago i've build a little TTRPG "old school" system for one night one shots & short campaigns which reminded me a bit of Sil "mechanics" and that is another reason i've fell in love with this elegant game.

I wanted to ask if the Sil rules are of his own or are based on Angband rules (on which i'm quite ignorant). As a software developer i've worked on little freetime roguelike projects and i would like to implement the rule system as a base (from which to evolve) for a much simplier game, so i was searching for some "history" and variants to test.

Thanks everyone and have a nice 2021!
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