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At first, thanks for all your answers ...

Originally Posted by GCD View Post
Levels with lots of statues tend to have superb feelings. I'm guessing that's what caused it in your case.
2 statues only.
And a "shrine dedicated to the stars" - is that's what is causing the level feeling?

And what is it good for?
Can't see any description anywhere other than the standard "you can walk on it" etc .., but nothing about the special effects of "stars".
If I study on it, I see nothing different.
I can't study from it.
I can apply it - I tried armor, ring and trollslaying harpoon (savegame is your friend), but it doesn't seem to do any difference other than applying the tag <Star> to it (quitting and savegame, again ).

Btw. - no-one answered my question if there are unconnected parts of dungeon sometimes ?

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