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Originally Posted by m0stlym0nk View Post
  • Interactivity is good, standing out in the darkness mass-deleting enemies is not.
  • Cast-at-target seems like a good way to make that happen, getting the player in the action more, and moving around more.
  • More variable risk that the player has to strategize through is good.
This is an excellent set of principles.

Originally Posted by m0stlym0nk View Post
So, how about this idea that keeps engagement, planning, and interactivity up, but isn't as nerf-ey as the "enemy is a flashbang grenade" LOS style mass banishment:

Description text: "Center an arcane blast on a targeted enemy that will banish that enemy and all enemies near them. Blast radius is the distance from player to target."

Here, the player will target an enemy that acts as the middle of the blast, with the size of the blast defined by distance from @ to target.
I like the idea, but I think setting the radius to reward increased distance from the is the wrong way round. Current radius of effect is 20; I would suggest making the new radius of effect 20 - (player to monster distance).
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