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Old School Needs Help With New School

Let me start by praising the developers for this game!! I started playing the original Moria when I was 8 and have always loved it. Now some 17 years later I find that this is what it has become and its fantastic.

However this old timer needs some help getting up to speed with this new version. I started playing again about a year ago in 3.0.? I have a lvl 32 hobbit ranger at about 1700 feet. In general things aren't that hard, however uniques still destroy me, I HATE HOUNDS, and I think i've only found one artifact, the Phial of Galadriel.

Some quick questions if anyone has the time to answer,

1) Can some explain how "auto scumming" works, what it does, and how you do it.

2) Sometimes I get relatively good feelings, "you like the look of this place" and "you feel strangely lucky" yet I don't really encounter many out of depth creatures or very good objects, at least nothing special, what gives

3) My AC stinks, had it as high as 80 before an unfortunate run in with water hounds now its 65, haven't found much to improve it and certainly haven't come across anythin special in the dungeon, any suggestions

4) Is the ability to see damage per turn for weapons new to 3.3?

5) What is with the double negatives in the preference screen? the one for random arts etc. It would be much easier it it was a statement and yes/no rather trying to figure out what no don't means

6) Also what is the difference between a vault and a pit and how do you find them?

7) Also is there an exchange weapon option anymore, used to be able to carry a secondary weapon (at least a pick or shovel for digging early on), and then switch between them with a single keystroke
Also if someone wants to see my character they will have to walk me through how to character dump, thanks.

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