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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
I will mention that I'm a chick, because I know how much guys love explaining things to chicks and I am not above taking full advantage of that.
I'd like to think I'd give the same response regardless of your gender, but I'll never know now, will I?

1. I know you get XP from killing things, successfully casting a spell for the first time, disarming a trap -- I assume there are other things though I can't think what offhand -- but mostly you get XP from killing things. So if I'm playing a character who needs to avoid combat until they're studly enough to handle it, how do I gain XP? Or am I just out of luck on that one?
If you have no way to kill things, then you're pretty much stuck. However, all classes ought to be able to kill things at the start. Mages have Magic Missile and everyone else is at least marginally competent in melee. You can also buy flasks of oil for throwing at monsters.

2. I know it's good to start out with a light weapon that gives you multiple blows -- but at what point in the game do the heavy weapons become preferable, or do they ever, really? Is it a matter of stats, or player level, or dungeon level, or what? My best guess is that once you've maxed out your stats you can get more blows with heavier weapons, but are you really ever going to get multiple blows with, say, a lance?
It's a matter of stats and of the weapons getting better. An early Mace of Slay Troll is not as good as a magical Dagger, because the mace is too heavy for your stats to give additional blows, and the slay isn't very useful either, while the dagger can likely get you extra blows dealing significantly more damage in the average case. A lategame Mace of Disruption of Slay Evil will be quite competitive vs. say a Katana of Extra Attacks; even though you might get 4 extra blows/round with the Katana, the Mace of Disruption just hits so much harder that it makes back the difference easily.

Maces of Disruption are about as heavy as lances are. I don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head, but they're both pretty ridiculous.

3. There are quite a few wands/staves that I've just never found very useful, but that sell for pretty good money in town. Confuse Monster, Slow Monster, Sleep Monster, &c. -- in my experience, anything I actually want to use those on is immune to it anyway. I have used a Staff of Slow Monsters to good effect in rooms full of rapidly multiplying lice, but other than that, are there any monsters these are genuinely useful against?
These are pretty limited, yeah. A Wand of Slow Monster can be quite useful against early uniques; it may take a lot of tries to get it to stick, but once you've slowed them down they're basically defenseless. The other ones are generally not worth the inventory slot to carry though. Staves of Slow/Confuse Monster also wake up everything in LOS when you use them, which can be really counterproductive.

4. I had this crackheaded idea that a Hobbit Paladin would be really cool, if I could get her strength up quickly enough. What say you?
Sure, hobbits are a pretty good race. I've played hobbit warriors just fine and their combat stats are only a little better than paladins' are.
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