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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
They are in the List Display options (press = followed by 7). I think one of the two is already on by default.
Ah, thank you! I believe it is on for the 'U' abilities by default, but it doesn't seem to work 100%. Dragon warlocks are a good example. All of the eldritch blast variants of all levels were shown (greyed out) from level 1, but the actual dragon warlock class abilities were not shown. Those only appeared on the list at their appropriate levels.

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
There are several reasons why a creature might be immune to charming. One is that a previous, failed attempt to charm it might have annoyed it enough that it's now uncharmable; the chance of a failed charming triggering this effect is pretty low, but sometimes you get unlucky. Another fairly common cause of charming immunity is area aggravation (think of scrolls of Aggravate Monsters or the shrieks of a shrieking mushroom patch).
That's very helpful to know!

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
There are two directions this question can be answered from: the historical perspective and the current perspective.

The historical perspective is that Beastmasters are an older class than dragon warlocks; so at the time Beastmasters were originally designed, those special riding techniques did not yet exist, and so no one thought of letting Beastmasters use them. The current perspective is that Beastmasters are already pretty strong, so giving them access to additional strong stuff would likely be unbalancing and make them overpowered.

Of course, it isn't impossible that Beastmasters could be tinkered with! Additional strong tricks could be balanced out by nerfs elsewhere; and all suggestions, whether from new players or from seasoned veterans, are always appreciated.
Really appreciate that feedback is appreciated! Allow me to keep babbling for a bit...

Makes sense, but... I see only one Beastmaster winner on the ladder for Frogcomposband, and that one seems to have gotten exceptionally lucky with equipment drops. For Angband I don't see any Beastmasters on the ladder at all, and for Composband a single one at level 34ish.

It could also just be that they're not very popular with players, but that would also kind of prove my point (that they're a bit boring to play...)

The class feels underpowered to me so far, I didn't have this much trouble surviving to level 25 with any other class that I played, possibly with the exception of my Karrot disciple who was gimped by lucky personality stats. The summoned animals and spiders at level 23 are so weak, they die in 2-3 hits and do almost no damage. I have to melee / shoot everything to kill anything. My dragon warlock at level 23 summoned a fire angel that nuked everything way out of my LoS before I even saw what it was (but please don't nerf dragon warlocks!)

Some suggestions for a possible rebalance:

-Sense monsters or at least sense living are very basic low level abilities for many classes and it really feels like Beastmasters should get one of these too.

-A basic class ability to examine the stats and level progress of pets most likely shouldn't be overpowered either.

-How about an ability to call pets back to the Beastmasters side after a teleport? Maybe with many pets it would only call some of them and would need to be cast multiple times to get them all.

-Maybe look into lowering the level requirements for some or even most Trump spells for Beastmasters? The current levels seem unreasonable.

-Some not op riding or archery (they're very good archers according to their class helpfule) active abilities would make them more fun to play.

Originally Posted by CyclopsSlayer View Post
One thing I often do to see Spell/Skill levels is to use the 'Ladder' and find a character at L50. Examine the levels they got their skills/spells. I haven't checked them all, but it is a fairly safe assumption that most any class has hit L50, and all the more common spell books are in play.
Hey, I had no idea all spells and abilities were listed on the ladder. Thanks for the heads up, that's helpful.
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