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fwiw, i never had archers sing song of slaying in the throne room. it can work well, but it isn't required. and with piercing arrows available, i believe it should be possible to do without song of sharpness as well, unless you need it to get at the sils. this is the meanest thing about playing archers, that sometimes you can kill V but can't get at the Sils after the first. i did isolate v in these runs, either by assassinating most ppl around w/ stealth + high perception (older version, may not work now) or by using extreme light and song of elbereth and then go at lonely v with concentration (+ song of sharpness). these are probably not the most effective approaches to do the throne room as archer, but you can play w/ more than one archetype and still win.
my archery characters always had slaying and sharpness, sometimes they would kill V in ~10 turns. Then I would get Versatility with the XP from Morgoth and use that to extract the Sils, and then hope I had Angrist for when my first weapon breaks. My strategy is to go into the secret passage, build up a bit of slaying, then go find Morgoth and shoot him to death.
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