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The goal for Pyrel isn't necessarily to "compete" with other roguelikes for feature sets, though of course a good design will leave the door open for adding new features later. Pyrel just wants to make it easier to tweak Angband to play the way we want it to. I do however hope that the game, when finished, will make a reasonably hacker-friendly system for people who are new to game development.

I'm not entirely clear what you mean by vector support for T4. Do you mean using OpenGL rendering? Because Pyrel could totally do that -- in fact, I considered replacing the existing drawing logic with OpenGL-based logic simply because WxWidget's software text renderer is slow. While the "base" UI code does assume a grid layout, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from implementing a UI that doesn't need it -- you could in fact make a 3D first-person roguelike from Pyrel if you wanted to, and the only extra work you'd have to do would be in the UI.

Mikko: 4GAI is largely just pathfinding and spell selection logic; it ought to port to Pyrel without any special difficulty. It does have big ramifications for game balance though. Pyrel's terrain system is extensible and flexible but at the moment it isn't doing much beyond obstruct movement (i.e. walls and doors).
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