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That's the thing about holy grails...not really a physically attainable thing by and large moreso than an ideal to pursue in earnest. Unless it is just a random old wooden cup, then you are good to go!

Perhaps there will come to be a mechanism of some sort to help migrate existing, relatively modern variants over to the Pyrel side of things----presuming tangible gains are to be made possible with it. Surely there would still need to be much fiddling along with it, but perhaps enough less to to help mitigate it and strike the balance when the time is right for a given one. Much would depend on how Pyrel sparks the fire and inspires folks to tinker at such things.

The better hope would be fan revivals as per the nLarn example and less likely old developers coming back to ones that have remained abandoned----the former being far more likely than the latter. Failing those, the next best thing would simply be for any other variants not fully hopping along the Pyrel train per se to just pay it mind and liberally steal any and all miscellaneous improvements that they can translate to their own codebases and whatnot for a net effect of still having things get better on account of a stronger example to springboard from being available in Pyrel form---not so unlike Sil is the cool thing to crib from at present on account of all the cool things it has going even indirectly at times.

Ultimately, the more strong, lively variants out and about the better in my mind moreso than consolidation of the few that is likely to contract ever further as time passes should things go a more insular route.
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